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Ajantis did not start his travels along the Sword Coast expecting to find the woman after his heart. For the right Player1 the romance will just happen, and Ajantis himself will be overwhelmed by the feelings he experiences. But as much as Ajantis is fascinated by Player1 that either shares his views or politely rejects them, he will stop romancing or even attack if evil actions are taken or Player1 insults his believes or his family. There are many different options in Ajantis' talks, and Player1 does not always have to agree with Ajantis to continue to be his romantic interest. However, insulting his believes or family will end the romance. It is very important for Ajantis to see Player1 on the path of good and righteousness, so high reputation is a must for romancing this paladin; also if Player1 pursues the evil course of actions too often (even if the evil deed did not result in reputation loss) it will break the romance. Ajantis will have an inner conflict when the truth about the Player1's Bhaal-heritage comes out. Only if this revelation comes after he already confessed his love, the bond between Player1 and him is strong enough for the romance to continue. This romance includes core love-talks, both sequential and reactive to events in the game, PC-initiated flirt-packs, and some NPC-initiated flirts.

Ajantis' Romance uses the Howard Shore's "Minas Tirith" theme as the romance musical theme.

Alignments: All Good alignments
Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and Halflings
Reputation: Has to be 11 or above for romance to initiate; requires the reputation to be above 15 to progress after LT14

Special: Will break up the romance early if Player1 is a pure-class thief. The romance will be interrupted if Bhaal's heritage is revealed too early in the relationship. One of the romantic challenges contains graphic effects that will not appear if you turned down the spell effects settings.

With Coran and Xan.