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Domi, Kulyok

Branwen's Romance is, perhaps, what you would have expected it to be. A warrior priestess, strong and outspoken, craving physical love rather than romantic one, valuing strength, courage and honor in battle above all else. Do not doubt that Branwen is capable to battle and conquer her worries, and indeed pretty much anything, on her own. Yet, in her direct way, she'd share her thoughts with a comrade who'd earned her trust, awarding him the glimpses into her inner world, as well as her passion. Your character may be a light-hearted tease, a weatherworn warrior of a few words, or a wide-eyed boy - it is possible to complete the romance in all cases. But Tempus demands a lot from his followers, and Branwen is no exception… This romance includes core love-talks, both sequential and reactive to events in the game and flirt-packs, both PC and NPC-initiated.

Branwen's Romance uses the Hilary Rushmer's recording of the 'New Day A-Dawning' as the romance musical theme.

Constitution: 11 or above
Strength: 11 or above
Alignments: All non-Evil Alignments
Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs
Reputation: Has to be 10 or above for romance to initiate and continue

With Dynahier.