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Coran, oh, Seldarine, Coran. His romance is as complicated as they come, and probably qualifies as a gamer’s worst nightmare. If you simplify it, it boils down to three big decisions your Charname needs to make: firstly, to sleep or not to sleep with Coran and when; secondly, what to do about Brielbara and Namara; thirdly to have or not to have Safana in the party. On top of it, no matter what you do, there is randomness added to the romance. If he promised you to return riding an eagle’s back, he won’t. But he just might be waiting for you there when he goes back to seek Brielbara out. Or not. If you still take the mad woman who wrote this romance seriously, my advice is: coast him till he promises Charname the moon from the sky and convince him to abandon Namara. While not quite so sweet, the path without the child and eventual enlightenment of our womanizer, it has a more realistic feel to it. And, it can randomly have a happy ending. Or not. This romance includes core love-talks, both sequential and reactive to events in the game and flirt-packs, both PC and NPC-initiated.

Coran’s Romance uses (Good path): Recercada Tercera by Diego Ortiz , (Baby Path): Dulce Memoria by Hernando de Cabezon , (Neutral/Bored Path): Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens and Les beautéés du Diable by François Dompierre as the romance musical themes.

Charisma: 13 or above
Alignments: All, except for Lawful Evil
Races: Humans, Elves and Half-Elves
Reputation: Has to be 11 or above for romance to initiate and continue

Special: Coran will not romance Player1, if Safana is in the party

With Ajantis and Xan