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Dynaheir’s Romance was written for a good (and preferably a lawful good) male PC. Three different ‘typecasts’ of PC are more or less maintained through the mod: a courteous paladin, a man who tries to do the right thing, and a guy who tries to be funny and distract Dynaheir from her too serious ways. There are also a number of class-specific options for a bard, including bad verses he can compose for Dynaheir in a number of talks. Racial-specific options are present, if rarely for a Half-Orc and an Elf. One of the most important themes of this romance is Bhaal’s Heritage. Once PC had learned about it from Gorion’s letter, the romance enters a difficult sequence of dealing with love and betrayal. A word of advice: here it is most important to be smart and noble. A small surprise awaits a patient player who’d keep the relationship running till the very-very-very end of the game. This romance includes core love-talks, both sequential and reactive to events in the game and flirt-packs, both PC and NPC-initiated.

Dynaheir’s Romance uses the Saint-Sense’s ‘Swan’ as the romance musical theme.

Intelligence: 10 or above
Wisdom: 10 or above
Alignments: All Good alignments, Lawful Neutral and True Neutral.
Races: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs
Reputation: Has to be 11 or above for romance to initiate and continue

With Branwen, with Edwin