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The BG1NPC project includes six very different romances. The idea is to try to allow both male and a female PC to find the romance which will suit the character's attitude and allows to role-play different kinds of relationships.

This guide is intended to help you to both give you a sneak pick at your choices, and to help you deal with any problems that you may be having while running the romances. Here, you can find the information about the members of BG1NPC team who did principal writing and coding for the romances. General information section will describe the mood of each romance, what type of PC the author had in mind when writing the romance, and name the musical theme for each romance. Next, the guide presents the conditions that your PC has to meet in order for the specific NPC to fall in love with him or her. Finally, the guide lists conflicts with other NPCs, the conditions under which each talk occurs, and the first lines of the lovetalks with the talk's number. Please use the talk numbers to report any and all bugs, or to look up the conditions after each of the talks occurred. The Guide does not include the list of flirts, PC or NPC initiated and romantic interludes, leaving it up to you to discover them.

And, finally - thank you for trying out BG1NPC and have a great time romancing and adventuring!