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Shar-Teel’s Romance was written with a relatively evil male PC in mind. Three different ‘typecasts’ of PC are more or less maintained through the mod: a sarcastic edwinesque type, a harsh man, and a guy who tries to be reasonably kind. There are also a number of class-specific options for a bard. It is quite tongue-in-cheek, and PC will take a beating from his passionate lover, if he is not up to snuff. Shar-Teel prefers strong, charismatic males, so the stats that affect the romance the most are Constitution, Strength and Charisma. Shar-Teel is not a wimp, so offending her will make her lose interest or worse. But be careful of exhibiting too much sweetness (save it for Aerie)! She will not take mush lightly. Lots of her talks happen at rest, so sleep often if you are in a mood for more evil loving! This romance includes core love-talks, both sequential and reactive to events in the game and flirt-packs, both PC and NPC-initiated.

Shar-Teel’s Romance uses the Icewind Dale 1 ‘Starting Song’ as the romance musical theme.

Charisma: 11 or above Strength: 11 or above
Alignments: All evil, Chaotic Neutral and True Neutral
Races: All but Halflings
Reputation: Has to be below 10 for romance to initiate and continue

Special: Some of the talks will only appear if PC was relatively interested in the circumstances of Shar-Teel’s life

None, as the other ladies are not interested in such an ill-reputed man!