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Well, it is Xan. Whining, moaning and complaints are abound in this romance. Still interested? Why? The world is doomed, there is no point in romance, you know. Especially in the one with Xan. Yes, it is unusual, sad and tender, but there are also nasty surprises, hysteria and a possible breakdown along the way. You won’t like it. Still interested? Very well then: play it, but remember, you have been warned! The romance was designed for an average player. You are able to be teasing or compassionate, interested or bored. Rude and straightforward, too, but then the romance will be finished in a blink: Xan is scared of his feelings towards you as he is. The core of the romance consists of a goodly number of sequential love-talks. Some of them, especially in the mid-to-late stages of romance, happen at rest. Not only because of what you have just thought, either. Nasty surprises, remember? It is advised to complete the romance before Chapter 6 (and yes, it reminds me of Shadows of Amn, as well), or, at least, wait until your relationship progresses into the more serious stage. Tip: look at the contents at the flirtpack. Once it changes - voila! - you have done it. Or not. Nasty surpri… ah, it was mentioned already. There is Chapters 6 and 7-specific content, so your PC will not feel abandoned. This romance includes core love-talks, both sequential and reactive to events in the game and flirt-packs, both PC and NPC-initiated.

Xan’s Romance uses the "Walk home" by Thomas Newman as the romance musical theme.

Races: Elves and Half-Elves

Special: Some lovetalks are restricted to the Elves only

With Ajantis and Coran